Who We Are

Underground Closet was founded in 2018 by a local Vermonter, Zachariah Godin, during his summer approaching senior year at Champlain College.  Literally in a large closet at that point, the business was mainly an Instagram page with a small display room for private appointments. After curating the brand through social media and growing sales, Underground Closet opened doors on June 15th, 2019 (see our opening day recap in the media gallery) at 40 Main Street. Thanks to local support we recently upgraded our location and moved into a bigger and better storefront located at 23 Church Street!
Zac owns and operates UGC with his store manager, Coby Goodwin, who he met at the Stiller School of Business. 

What We Do

Underground Closet offers a unique shopping experience providing luxury streetwear and rare collectibles like Vermont has never seen. The main clothing brands that are currently available at UGC are Supreme, Kith, Bape, Anti Social Social Club, Palace and more! For shoes, we always have a selection of Jordan’s, Yeezys, and other limited edition releases! We are an official retailer of Superplastic collectibles, and also carry Bearbricks and other rare vinyl art from artists like KAWS. 

What Is ‘Luxury Streetwear’

The main idea behind most of the products UGC is selling is that they're limited edition and SOLD OUT from the actual brands who release them. Each item is part of a limited release which means they will never be produced again! There are a lot of different reasons these types of products have premium value, but the simple fact is that more people want the items than can actually get them (low supply, high demand!). The low supply in itself adds a direct value because you don’t see a bunch of other people wearing the same clothes/shoes as you, which a lot of people like. Also, each year more people take interest in these brands, and they might want something that released before they knew about it. In turn, they’re willing to pay a premium to acquire that product since it’s harder to come by. Another benefit to buying these limited edition items is even after using them they retain the majority of their original value, sometimes even appreciate! The bottom line is all of these products we carry are unique collector's items that you can’t find elsewhere in Vermont!